Virtual Combinatorics Seminars

On this page you will find a list of seminars (mostly combinatorics, some discrete geometry) arranged by days and times, which change so please double-check the seminar websites. This is not an exhaustive list. Although some of these seminars have gone back to in-person, the recorded talks when they were virtual are still available at the links.

If you are interested in combinatorics seminars, you may want to sign up for weekly announcements as indicated on the Combinatorics Lectures Online webpage maintained by Jacob Fox and Paul Seymour. A very large list of math seminars is available at and CS Theory talks are available here.

Additionally, take a look at this amazing Round the World Relay in Combinatorics.

All times below are Eastern Standard Time (ET). If you are planning a new seminar, you may find this list useful to avoid clashing with existing seminars.


10:00 am ET: Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinar (Videos available)

11:30 am ET: Waterloo Algebraic Graph Theory Seminar (Videos available)


10:00 am ET: Warwick DIMAP seminar (Slides available)

2:00 pm ET: NYC Geometry Seminar (Videos available)

2:00 pm ET: Oxford Discrete Mathematics and Probability Seminar (Videos available)

3:00 pm ET: Auburn Discrete Math Seminar

3:00 pm ET: Graphs and Matroids Seminar (Videos available)

3:45 pm ET: Georgia Tech Graph Theory Seminar (Videos available)

5:30 pm ET: SFU Discrete Math Seminar


10:15 am ET: Jagiellonian TCS seminar

1:00 pm ET: Graduate Online Combinatorics Colloquium #GOCC (Videos available)

2:30 pm ET: Atlantic Graph Theory Seminar

7:00 pm ET: Washington Combinatorics and Geometry Seminar


2:30am ET: IBS Virtual Discrete Math Colloquium (Videos available)

8:15 am ET: Graz Combinatorics Seminar

10:00 am ET: Virtual Seminar on Algebraic Matroids and Rigidity (Ended, but videos are available)

10:15 or 11:15 am ET: Coopenhangen-Jerusalem Combinatorics Seminar (Videos Available)

3:00 pm ET: Princeton Discrete Math Seminar (Videos available)

3:30 pm ET: Cornell ACO Seminar

4:00 pm ET: Talk Math With Your Friends #TMWYF (Videos available, combinatorics and general math talks for a broad audience, good place to promote combinatorics)

5:00 pm ET: Rutgers Experimental Math Seminar (Videos available)


8:00 am ET: Budapest Big Seminar (Videos available)

8:00 am ET: Bordeaux Graph Theory Seminar (Videos available)

11:00 am ET: Graph-Searching Online Seminar (videos available)

12:00 pm ET: New York Combinatorics Seminar #NYCombinatorics (Videos available)