A team of us across CUNY applied for and obtained a National Science Foundation grant (NSF DMS #1820731) titled Recruitment and Mentoring in Mathematics Project, RAMMP in short. I am a co-PI of this grant along with Gautam Chinta (PI) and co-PI Robert Donley, William P. Hooper, and Cesar Valverde. The amount of this grant is $477,136 and the duration is Aug 2018 – Aug 2023. Our goals are:

    1. To increase the number of doctoral degrees in the mathematical sciences among groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in those fields.

    2. To improve placement of students from these groups in doctoral programs in disciplines that recruit undergraduate mathematics majors.

    3. To increase the number of Ph.D.s from these groups who enter the professoriate in the mathematical sciences as well as other appropriate professions.

    4. To increase funded research collaborations among faculty members at the universities with mathematical sciences doctoral programs and faculty members at colleges and universities focused on undergraduate students.

    5. To foster the growth of a community of mathematical scientists that promotes a diverse workforce.

  • Since January 2020, I have been serving as one of the ten North America Ambassadors to the International Mathematical Union’s Committee for Women.

  • On Nov 19, 2021, I co-organized the Pan-American Meeting of International Mathematical Union's Committee for Women Ambassadors with Carolina Araujo (Brazil), Gabriela Araujo (Mexico), Petra Bonfert-Taylor (USA), Eugenia Ellis (Uruguay), Matilde Lalin (Canada), Gabriela Ovando (Argentina), Eddy Pariguan (Colombia) and Andrea Vera-Gajardo (Chile). I chaired this continental meeting titled "Pathways to Inclusion and Diversity." I opened the meeting, chaired the panel session where Pamela Harris and Priscila Pereira spoke, and closed it with a small speech at 1 hour and 48 min. If you have just a moment to spare, I hope you watch my brief closing.

  • Since 2020, I've been a member of the American Mathematical Society’s paraDIGMS: Diversity in Graduate Math Education Working Group. Goals of this committee are to analyze issues related to running a graduate program in the mathematical sciences, with a special focus on serving and supporting students from groups historically underrepresented in math.

  • I am a co-organizer of the Research Network for Women in Graph Theory and Application. We received funding to support 40 women for one week at the Institute for Mathematics in Minneapolis. Our August 2019 Workshop for Women in Graph Theory and Applications was quite a success with multiple papers originating from this week.

  • On May 25, 2016, I organized a round table discussion on “The conflict between surveillance and the free expression of ideas” for Brooklyn College Faculty Day. As a follow-up on Feb 22, 2017, Benjamin Carp and I organized a Workshop on Surveillance and the First Amendment.